Structural optimisation of distributed energy supply systems – applied to chemical parks

The main aim of the project is the development of a tool, which in the course of rising energy costs can be applied to the resource efficient planning of the energy supply of industrial parks or to improve the efficiency of existing energy supply structures. The goal is to get an optimal supply structure even for very complex industrial sites with a vast variety of combinations and designs variations. In early planning phases, in which only slightly higher investment costs are necessary for better energy efficiency, it is thus possible to optimise all the components and integrate material and energy flows effectively (such as the use of waste heat).

Different forms of energy (electricity, heating and cooling) at different temperature levels as well as supply variations (boiler, microturbines, chillers etc.) are considered. In addition, the cost for the pipelines and networks are considered in an integrated topography editor.

The user enters the energy demand and a possible super structure (number and kind of theoretically possible supply components at the site) and gets a cost or CO2 optimal solution for that case from the optimisation. The optimal solution may well contain technologies that otherwise could just have been disregarded from the outset had a limited number of variations been considered without structure optimisation.

To reduce the computational effort, a compression algorithm is applied to the demand time series used. Linearized mathematical system models are used for the optimisation which are implemented in the software tool Top-Energy and solved by an integrated MILP optimisation algorithm.

The procedure is validated against sample applications from practice.

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The project is funded within the frame- work of the 5th Federal Governments Energy Research Programme through the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).

Project Management Agency:
Jülich (PTJ), Energy Efficiency in Industry and Commerce

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