Market survey „Energy Management Software“ / Energy controlling

Because the first market survey conducted by the perpendo Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH in 2005 found broad acclaim and the topic of energy management is moving increasingly into public focus, the EnergyAgency.NRW has decided to create a new edition of the market survey. perpendo has supported this project through our expertise through by developing the questionnaire, which serves as the basis of the market survey.

The market overview includes products that enable the management and control of energy flows and energy consumption data for any site, property or building. Through the study we want to show a wide range of possible features and thus create a comparison for the end user which is as objective as possible.

Define your requirements for the energy management-software and carry out an assessment of the available systems via the online portal. We will gladly support you with our expertise in formulating your requirements. You should bear in mind that the selection of a system has far-reaching consequences and is usually irreversible. Make use of our experience to select the "right" solution for you from the variety of available products.

Moreover, we can assist you in the following tasks with our expert knowledge:

  • definition of internal information flow for your specific case
  • resulting definition of requirements for the software product
  • selection of the product
  • implementation in your IT-infrastructure
  • development of a standards-compliant solution according to ISO 50001

New edition of the EMS survey

EMS survey 2011 as a pdf document (last updated 20.07.2011) pdf download

Online portal EMS survey link

Press release of the EnergyAgency.NRW link


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