Heat pumps – function, applications and interpretation

The inexhaustible sources of ambient air, ground water and soil can be used makes sense at a proper usage of electric heat pumps: heat pumps reduce the heating costs by more than 50 % in optimal design and reduce the environmental impact by up to 30 % at the same time. The heat pump offers therefore a significant savings potential in the new building as well as in the stock.

The seminar discusses the size of the air-to-water heat pumps, brine-to-water heat pumps and water-to-water heat pumps, as well as the use of heat pumps for domestic ventilation. The projecting, installation and marketing examples are the participants in addition to the planning. It is shown that but can be heated with heat pumps do not only cooled down.

A comparison of different heating systems shows the economic and environmental advantages of heat pump heating system. Also, the cooperation of the concerned trades considered important is discussed in detail with the help of an organisation model.

  • Heating, cooling, free cooling
  • Assessment of running plants on the basis of the figures for the year work
  • Organisational model – system solution from one source
  • Planning an air/water and a brine/water heat pump using a sample House
  • Planning Aids, geothermal potential
  • Efficiency and cost comparison of different heating systems
  • Arguments for the marketing

saSV state authorised experts for acoustic and thermal insulation, construction template entitled,
energy consultants, Engineers and architects


16.05.2013, 9:00 - 16:30

Number of participants maximum of 25


Dr.-Ing. S. Schraps
perpendo Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, Aachen

Dipl.-Ing. M. Lichy
BIENERGY Gesellschaft für Energiemanagement mbH, Bielefeld

Registration fee:

€ 100 Members of IK construction of North Rhine-Westphalia
€ 130 Non-members
€ 70 Young engineers

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